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It's your time to control and manage your assets used in waste management with intelligent solutions. Learn how to grow with

  • Solutions to track the fullness level, temperature, location, and movement of waste containers
  • Cutting-edge technology for resource and operation tracking on a real-time basis

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Discover the advantages of data-driven decisions and complete control over your assets

Track the collection trucks and waste containers easily

Controlling a limited or vast array of assets is a challenge for numerous enterprises and municipalities when operating waste management.

Evreka's digitized solutions solve overcome all challenges and help organizations to enjoy operating efficiency.


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digitized waste management

Every stage in the waste collection process is under control with a single click

Evreka designs technology for all waste management processes. With the solution portfolio delivered, your company can monitor assets, operations, employee activities, and much more! Digital reporting is quite simple with these solutions! Our solutions are here to let you track, manage and report everything you need effortlessly.

Tuzla Municipality

Şadi Yazıcı Mayor of Tuzla Municipality

"From the time the Smart World and the Smart Cities have gained importance, we, as the Tuzla Municipality, have done the necessary work in order to create a “smarter” city. For realizing the main municipality tasks like cleaning and waste collection, we acted in parallel with the idea of creating a smart city by partnering with Evreka, in other words, with a Smart Innovation Technology."