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Success in operational excellence

The Turkish Red Crescent obtained operational excellence with intelligent Evreka solutions.

Evreka supports the operations of the Turkish Red Crescent and contributes to the system efficiency for the interest of society. 


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Digitized solutions for better service

Our technology provides the organization with advanced resource and operation tracking on a real-time basis. Moreover, the organization started enjoying a significant optimization during clothing donation box collection owing to the digitized system.

Turkish Red Crescent

Humanitarian Association

"We rarely encounter the analytics and the level of detail which Evreka provides on the undertaking of donation box operations. Thanks to Evreka, we have been managing the collection of donation boxes more efficiently through total time and distance reduction needed for the collection of donation boxes. Evreka has assisted us in managing the process of collection to create a more efficient system for society’s own sake. The Evreka SaaS system made us notice a rare exception like the robbery of donations with a very smart solution that exceeds our expectations."


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