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Evreka's client increased its profitability by 25% by using technology solutions when managing medical waste. Explore the best medical waste solutions to enjoy better performance and profitability!

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Learn how to increase your profitability by switching to high-tech in medical waste management

Medical waste collection with an exclusive RFID solution

Evreka provides smart solutions to manage medical waste with the latest technology. Discover our intelligent software and hardware solutions and experience more than 30% cost reduction in the field during medical waste management operations.


medical waste operations
medical waste

Efficient and safe operations for better medical waste management

With fully digitized systems, Evreka's clients achieve seamless communication with their clients to manage on-demand work orders as well as past and planned collection activities. Get the power of technology and optimize your scheduling and controlling abilities!

BIOSUN Pamukova

Solid Waste Management Company

"We decided to collaborate with Evreka in order to prevent the waste collection and environmental pollution problems in our region. We started experimenting with harmony and confidence in moving with the same mission. As a result of the experiments we also got very good yields. Although these studies provide cost savings, our primary goal is to clean and recover the environment. BIOSUN Pamukova needs many solution partners to achieve this. Evreka is one of them."