control assets in waste management

Evreka Locate provides comprehensive control over your assets. Discover Evreka's solutions for high-quality waste management operations. Download one-pager for free and find out the benefits of Evreka Locate! 

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Explore the most improved asset tracking technology in the waste management industry.

Total control over assets with high-tech solutions

With Evreka Locate, tracking the location, movement, and maintenance of assets is more efficient and easier. Asset utilization analysis lets you gain comprehensive control over your assets. Download one-pager and open up your world to new possibilities!

asset management

Excellent resource planning with a digitized waste management solution

Evreka Locate provides periodic reporting to analyze and enhance work performance. You can track task fulfillment & assets and plan your recourses accordingly. Get alerts via SMS or email and manage any incident instantly. Explore intelligent solutions and manage your waste operations more efficienty!


Bar Portal | CEO

"We have built a growing collaboration with Evreka through an expansion of its services in 6 cities in less than a year. They supported us at the premium level as well as assisted us every time we encountered difficulties. All updates required were done by EvrekaCrew to respond to our particular needs. Genio journey continues with the clean street application designed with advanced technology for operational excellence."




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