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Do you know Evreka's client who operates in hazardous waste management has increased the profit by 35%? Its method is Evreka's high-tech solutions providing full efficiency and optimization in smart waste management.

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Digitized solutions lead to lower costs and safer operations in the field

Evreka's exclusive solutions facilitate communication between hazardous waste management companies and their clients. For on-demand collection orders, our solutions provide opportunities for task creation and task vehicle assignments.


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Improved waste management processes with detailed analysis

Evreka's easy-to-use solutions provide detailed reports and business improvement suggestions. Let's increase your efficiency and profitability standards. Explore intelligent solutions designed with advanced tech and take crucial steps to grow your hazardous waste management business.

BIOSUN Pamukova

Solid Waste Management Company

"We decided to collaborate with Evreka in order to prevent waste collection and environmental pollution problems in our region. We started experimenting with harmony and confidence in moving with the same mission. As a result of the experiments we also got very good yields. Although these studies provide cost savings, our primary goal is to clean and recover the environment. BIOSUN Pamukova need many solution partners to achieve this. Evreka is one of them."