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Explore how to reduce total managerial time significantly and manage your fleet in the most efficient way possible. Download one-pager for free and check out the benefits of Evreka Fleet Management.

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Discover how Fleet Management module can help with your waste management process.

Gain comprehensive control over your fleet

With the help of Evreka Fleet Management module, you can track your employees and vehicles, assign new routes and tasks, control task fulfillment, manage issues regarding the task instantly, monitor maintenance and fuel levels, and much more!

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Fully digitized waste management process

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Tuzla Municipality

Şadi Yazıcı Mayor of Tuzla Municipality

"From the time the Smart World and the Smart Cities have gained importance, we, as the Tuzla Municipality, have done the necessary work in order to create a “smarter” city. For realizing the main municipality tasks like cleaning and waste collection, we acted in parallel with the idea of creating a smart city by partnering with Evreka, in other words, with a Smart Innovation Technology."