Evreka sensor

Evreka Sense is a high-tech sensor that supports your waste management operations. Download one-pager for free and utilize the benefits of Evreka Sense in your business.

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Best-in-industry waste management sensor

Evreka Sense provides efficient and profitable waste management operations with less managerial time spent. Monitor the location, temperature, movement, and fullness level of your containers. 


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Assured excellent waste management with resource planning

Plan your resources efficiently while preventing overflows and losses due to fire. Get notifications or alerts at the moment of the incident. Generate reports according to the real-time data and let integrated software solutions make intelligent resource planning decisions for you.


Mezitli Municipality

Mehmet Şükrü Güneş Head of Cleaning Services

"With Evreka, we digitized our waste management process. Tracking our fleet and operations is now easier. With Evreka, we can regularly receive clear and short reports for daily or certain periods and easily evaluate our processes. In addition, we record every step of our operations effortlessly. The success of Evreka comes from the fact that the actual work and conditions in the field are compatible with the logic of the software. A two-way instant communication chain between management and employees has been established. Evreka’s solutions help Mezitli Municipality take firm steps towards its goal of becoming a smart city."