residential waste collection

Evreka's client, a residential waste collection service provider, eliminated communication challenges and reduced missed collections by 89% with high-tech solutions.

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Discover Evreka's cutting-edge solutions and seize the opportunities of street-level route optimization and scheduling, easy communication between the company and its households, quick integration with the 3rd party tracking system, and much more!


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High-tech for better waste collection and happy citizens

Evreka's latest technology provides its customers with excellent opportunities to overcome all challenges regarding missed assets, insufficient communication, and high costs. Now it's your turn to learn all details and explore the best solutions for your business and waste management operations!

Tuzla Municipality

Şadi Yazıcı Mayor of Tuzla Municipality

"From the time the Smart World and the Smart Cities have gained importance, we, as the Tuzla Municipality, have done the necessary work in order to create a “smarter” city. For realizing the main municipality tasks like cleaning and waste collection, we acted in parallel with the idea of creating a smart city by partnering with Evreka, in other words, with a Smart Innovation Technology."