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Evreka Customer Management Module offers a specially designed customer management system to improve customer relations as well as order and price management. Explore the specifics of the system and open up new horizons for your business

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Improve SLA management and billing arrangements

With Evreka's customer management solution, it is easy to monitor and manage SLAs, establish separate agreements, and manage reports. Let's enhance your sales, market share, and profitability by the use of our best-in-class contract management platform!


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Enjoy fully digitized operations for better customer satisfaction

Evreka's digital solutions synchronize customer interactions between business units and enable organizations to control, analyze, and optimize the customer experience. Download the free one-pager and discover how to utilize real-time data and digitized operations for happy customers.


Tuzla Municipality

Şadi Yazıcı Mayor of Tuzla Municipality

"From the time the Smart World and the Smart Cities have gained importance, we, as the Tuzla Municipality, have done the necessary work in order to create a “smarter” city. For realizing the main municipality tasks like cleaning and waste collection, we acted in parallel with the idea of creating a smart city by partnering with Evreka, in other words, with a Smart Innovation Technology."