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Evreka Asset Management Module delivers location-based asset management capabilities and increases the overall lifespan of your assets. Read the one-pager and explore the recent technologies for best inventory management

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Monitor real-time location anytime with high-tech solutions

Evreka offers digitized solutions to monitor the real-time location of your assets and fleet anytime and anywhere. You can track the location of your fleet, their task fulfillment, and assign routes best suitable for them, thanks to high-tech route optimizations. You can track your assets and generate reports based on your needs.


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Improve inventory management with digitized solutions

With Evreka's cutting-edge technology, inventory management is simple and efficient. You can digitally plan and track your stocks! What's more, you can gather and store the information obtained. Explore the details now and start improving waste management operations with intelligent solutions!

Inegol Cleaning Services

Serdar Zorluer Chief of Cleaning Services

"We gained total control over our entire operations thanks to Evreka’s smart solutions for Waste Management to Inegol Cleaning Services. Through the detailed reports presented by Evreka, we assessed our processes well, identified our issues, and started deploying the most sustainable solutions."